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We have learned that the IRS will begin the 2018 filing season January 28, 2019. However, due to the largest tax reform since 1986 we anticipate that tax software forms and schedules will continue to be updated to be compatible with the IRS well beyond January 28th.

The tax reform will impact the time required to prepare the 2018 tax returns. The impact, to you, the taxpayer will be most noticeable in how long the tax preparation time takes to complete as well as an increase in our fees due to the complexity of the reforms.

Due to the uncertainty we want to make everyone aware that extensions may be required, when in previous years you were able to be filed before extension.

We have, and will continue, to strive for the highest quality services at the most reasonable fees. We appreciate our friends who have entrusted us with their financial needs!

The Stahlberg, Taylor & Associates team

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