Accounting & Bookkeeping

  • Bookkeeping: summarizing and posting activity from bank statements, receipts, asset purchases, and preparing a file for tax preparation
  • Financial statement preparation: preparing financial statements for management use based on annual or monthly periods
  • Controller Services: summarize and post activity, receive and pay bills, invoicing, and management of the financial portion of client’s business
  • Accounting system design and controls: advice on setting up the accounting systems and design of a business and help set up strong internal controls to reduce potential theft or misstatements
  • Temporary bookkeeping and accounting: cover the bookkeeping services for a client temporarily as needed

Compilation & Review

  • Accounting Standards Analysis: the firm stays up to date on the standards for properly reporting compiled and reviewed financial statements
  • Compilations: preparation of unaudited financial statement presentation for management use, covering a variety of needs for managers to evaluate the company’s position
  • Reviews: review and analysis of compiled financial statements with fewer process or costs of an audit and no opinions offered
  • Special Reports: our firm is able to create other reports as designated by client needs

Business Advisory

  • Accounting system design and review: aid in setting up new accounting systems for a business and set up of internal control functions
  • Business plans and projections: able to help with the future planning of a company to better make decisions based on projections of future transactions
  • Business Tax: prepare tax returns for corporations, S-corporations, partnerships, sole proprietors, nonprofit groups, estates, trusts, etc.
  • Management Consulting: consulting services to set or improve current operating systems within the company
  • Prospective financial statements: planning for future company positions in financial statement format to evaluate the potential financial position of the company
  • Succession planning: aid in setting up processes for a successor to be incorporated into a business for the future

Business Software Training

  • Daily operations improvements using Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.
  • Set up and develop a smoother operation using Quickbooks
  • Security advice for protection of business information
  • Training to enhance better communications with clients to improve business operations and promote better hiring and recruiting
  • Staying informed on new tax or healthcare updates

Business Tax

  • Consulting on transitions for mergers or succession planning
  • Set up and develop a smoother operation using Quickbooks
  • Selection of the right choice of entity, partnerships, corporations, sole proprietorship, etc.
  • Preparation of annual tax returns for multiple types of entities including partnerships, S-corporations, corporations, trusts, homeowner associations, road user associations, and sole proprietorships.

Controller Services

  • Summarize and post activity, receive and pay bills, invoicing, and management of the financial portion of client’s business
  • Temporary or full-service contract bookkeeping is available
  • Preparation and advice for budgeting for future activity
  • Accounting system design and internal control set up for new or existing companies proprietorships.
  • Preparation of payroll reports including monthly, quarterly, and annual reports
  • Preparation of reports to help management understand the current business position and make the best decision for the company based on that information

Individual Tax

  • Prepare annual tax returns for individuals and estates
  • Planning for individuals and estates to help make the best decisions for future taxes
  • Retirement planning and consulting for individuals


  • Calculate payroll - weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, annual and certified payroll
  • Prepare and file quarterly and annual payroll reports
  • Pay payroll taxes through a secure online system for both Federal and state requirements

Personal Financial Planning

  • Advice for college planning and funding
  • Planning for long-term care
  • Advice for life-insurance planning
  • Consulting for help budgeting personal financial statements and planning for debt relief
  • Advice for investing money and management
  • Trustee services for trusts
  • Planning for private foundations and gift annuities
  • Planning for retirement and the related tax effects